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Arna Delle-Vergini

Locked up at: Melbourne
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$2,000 goal

I am a Victorian barrister specialising in cases of child abuse and neglect.

"Young people who end up in the criminal justice system are 12 times as likely as other young people to be in the child protection system." Let's get in early and do what we can to prevent these children and young people from ending up in gaol. All we have to do is invest $10,000 in one young person at risk to save the community $507,715 in gaol costs in a year.

Please join me in raising some of these funds through the Whitelion 'Bail Out' program.

For a small cost I will be 'deprived of all of my possessions, finger-printed, photographed, fed 'prison gruel', subjected to an interrogation as well as court proceedings and locked up in a cell'.

Just an ordinary Friday night out for me (not)!

Thanking you in advance for investing in a young person at risk today.

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The Melbourne Bail Out experience is the largest event of the three states, with a capacity for 250 participants.