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A Journalist’s Account of Sydney Bail Out 2017
December 1, 2017

Below is an outtake of The Daily Telegraph article as written by journalist Lisa Herbertson following her time at Bail Out in 2017.

“PAT DOWN. Fingerprinting. Yelling. Personal belongings taken and bagged. No talking. Strangers. Darkness falling. A last phone call. Unfamiliar corridors, leading to an unknown fate.

The welcoming committee at Yasmar, the former detention centre on Parramatta Rd in Haberfield, would not win awards for friendliness.

Given a blue jump suit, we’re ridiculed by the guards, and there’s more yelling as we’re marched to an overcrowded cell to sit, and wait.

Time seems to stand still as the evening settles in and darkness sets shadows on the prison walls.

Graffiti with names and dates of former inmates adorn the walls. Each marking and tag the story of a young Aussie whose life took a wayward turn.

Whitelion’s quirky fundraiser — Bail Out — asks average Aussies to take time out and be locked up and raise money to be freed.”


To read the rest of the article, click here.

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