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I would love you all to support me in reaching out to the children that have not experience the fair life that many other child have from birth which in most cases would be love & acceptance in this world. So please help me to help others to shine in life

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13 Feb 2019

This isn't about me it is about kids that never had chances like I did. It is about getting out of your comfort zone & living in someone else shoes
It is about reaching out & just listening to their stories. Loving your fellow man no matter what they did.
I want to make a small difference. If you agree on some or all of what has been said support me & I will be your vehicle.

09 Feb 2019

Hi all I know I can over do thinks when it comes to a challenge & a helping hand. We all make mistake in life. We also need people to guide us down the right path & help where needed. I have a saying in my life & I try had to stand by it. " I love the person but I don't like what they do/did. " Please find it in your heart to support me in this challenge. You are my family & friends I can't do this alone. Please help. Thank you for listening & your time. :)

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