Dialog Box


Bail Out is Whitelion’s annual national fundraising and awareness campaign. It gives you the chance to step into the shoes of a young person who has been in gaol, and raise money for at-risk young people at the same time.

To get involved, participants (known as ‘inmates’) need to register online and raise at least $1000 bail to get ‘released’. Sorry but the amount is non-negotiable. We’d really love to see more women get involved, alone or in gangs – think Orange is the New Black!

From 5.30pm you will be exposed to what life on the inside is really like. Inmates will be stripped of their possessions, given a prison uniform, fingerprinted, photographed and taken to the exercise yard to be fed prison gruel. Inmates will also be subjected to a mock interrogation and court proceedings before being sentenced to cell time with their gang, or other solitary inmates.

But don’t worry, it’s not all terrifying: inmates will get to talk firsthand to a former prisoner, and be educated via virtual reality on some of the issues that affect Whitelion’s young people. Then at 9pm, inmates break out for a party and delicious, non-prison food and drinks!

See you there!