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Overview - Bail Out 2020

Bail Out makes no secret of only offering the smallest glimpse into the true custodial experience. 

Bail Out 2020 is Whitelion’s annual national fundraising and awareness event that takes participants out of their comfort zone and challenges general misconceptions around highly vulnerable, high risk youth and their over-representation in the justice system.

Whitelion invites the community to enter into discussion around how we can collectively support highly vulnerable, high risk young people who are in child protection/Out of Home care, preventing initial contact with the justice system.

The event aims to expose participants to the reality of incarceration of young people, and processes that can take place to prevent extreme outcomes such as entering the youth justice system. Jail (Custodial Sentence) is one of the worst consequences for at risk youth in Australia.

To assist the audience in greater understanding the issue, the Bail Out experience has been constructed against the compelling backdrop of the Old Melbourne Gaol, which sets the sobering scene. This event offers participants an immersive example of what is sadly a real life experience for many young people Whitelion works with.    

Whitelion supports registered participants on a fundraising journey to reach a Bail Out amount of $1000.