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Fundraising Tips

All inmates commit to raising a minimum of $1,000. This supports participation and provides much needed funds to Whitelion’s youth services. To help you reach your fundraising target, we’ve put together some handy activities.

Raise money online

Once you’ve registered as an imate, your fundraising profile will be automatically set up on our website. Share this link with friends, family, colleagues and awe-inspired strangers.

Customise your personal profile with photos and messages, so your supporters have even more reason to support you and Whitelion.


Ask your company to match your efforts

One quick way to boost your fundraising efforts is to ask your company to match what you raise. If your workplace doesn’t already match employee contributions, be sure to raise it with them. Every donation is tax-deductable.

Run your own raffle

Simply collect 2-3 donated prizes, a couple of raffle ticket books ($2 shops stock these) and a bunch of change.

Sell fundraiser chocolates

Delicious and a great way to raise money. Visit www.fundraising.com.au to find out more.

Host a dinner party

Ask your guests to donate what they would normally spend on an evening out

Run a BBQ

Snags are delicious and cheap! Hosting a BBQ can help you raise money while filling the neighbourhood’s tummies.

Host a trivia night

You can download thousands of trivia questions online. All you need is a venue, some music, and a crowd of know-it-alls!

Run a bake sale

Cakes, muffins, tarts... no one can resist these in the kitchen at our office. Once 3pm hits you’ll have everyone throwing a coin in the jar for a tasty treat.

Run a ‘guess the lollies in the jar’ competition

An oldie but a goodie. This is a great fundraising activity for the workplace. Get creative about what you put in the jar, too!