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What is the Whitelion Bail Out?

The Bail Out event is designed to offer members of the community a unique experience into the lives of at-risk youth. It is both a theatrical and educational night, with many elements and activities involved.

Inmates are stripped of their possessions on arrival, given a prison uniform, fingerprinted, photographed and taken to the exercise yard to be fed prison gruel. Inmates will also be subjected to a mock interrogation and court proceedings before being sentenced to cell time. At 9pm, inmates break out for a party and delicious, non-prison food and drinks!

Once you become an inmate, you commit to raising $1,000 to ensure your bail on Bail Out night. All the funds raised in the lead-up to Bail Out will be donated to Whitelion, a community charity committed to opening doors for disadvantaged young people.

How much does Bail Out cost?

It is free to register as an inmate, however you must raise a minimum pledge of $1,000 to be able to attend the event. If you do not reach this amount, you will not be able to attend the night.

What happens if i do not raise $1,000?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to attend Bail Out. If you are having trouble to fundraise the required amount, please read through the fundraising tips provided or email us at bailout@whitelion.asn.au, and we will look to helping you out.

Is Bail Out different in the different states?

Bail Out is run in Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide and Mt Gambier. All events follow a very similar structure, however the activities involved are sometimes subject to availability. The New South Wales event hosts a capacity for a sleepover, with the experience continuing overnight, when inmates retreat back to their cells to sleep.

How do I login to my Bail Out account?

Everyone who has registered as an inmate for the Whitelion Bail Out has an account created for them. On completion of your registration you should have received an email with these details.

What does the $1,000 bail go towards?

Of the $1,000 bail raised by each inmate, $820 goes directly into the programs run by Whitelion in supporting youth at risk, and the remaining $180 assists in the running of the Bail Out event and structural costs.

What can I/do I bring on the night?

There is nothing in particular you are required to bring on the event night, however there will be a bag compound available for you to check in any bags, coats, or other items you may be carrying with you. This area is fully staffed all night, ensuring your valuables are safe. You are welcome to take your phone with you during the event if you wish.