Dialog Box


Bail Out is Whitelion’s annual national fundraising and awareness campaign. It gives you the chance to step into the shoes of a young person who has been in jail, and raise money for at-risk young people at the same time.

To get involved, participants (known as ‘inmates’) need to register online and raise at least $1000 bail to get ‘released’. Sorry but the amount is non-negotiable. We are here to support you in fundraising if you need assistance!

From 5.30pm you will be exposed to what life on the inside is really like. Inmates will be stripped of their possessions, given a prison uniform, fingerprinted, photographed and taken to the exercise yard to be fed prison gruel. Inmates will also be subjected to a mock interrogation and court proceedings before being sentenced to cell time with their gang, or other solitary inmates.

But don’t worry, it’s not all terrifying: inmates will get to talk firsthand to a former prisoner, and be educated via virtual reality on some of the issues that affect Whitelion’s young people. Then at 9pm, inmates break out for a party and delicious, non-prison food and drinks!

See you there!